The Cause Of And Treatment Of Eye Floaters



Here is a neat piece: the best way to get rid of eye floaters from over at

It seems that eye floaters are caused by ocular cells dying and then subsequently floating around in clear liquid in the middle of the eye.  We all have them, but some people have them in an inordinately high number, and consider various invasive procedures to remove them. EyeQ TV suggests a more moderate course.



Amazingly Cute Dalek Necklace for Doctor Who Fans!

SUper Cute Dalek Necklace - Doctor Who Fan Approved!

If you’re a Doctor Who Fan, You NEED to snag on of these!

So I discovered these on Pinterest, and MAN they are cute!  This shop, makes them, and they are REALLY cute!  There are a LOT of ugly Dalek Necklaces online, and these are FAR from ugly!  I particularly LOVE the copper one – but I bought all three.  They’re on sale for $25 each, or $65 for the lot of them.

You can get them here:

Here’s a video the creator shot explaining why he made them:

I’ve PURCHASED one of those ugly ones before, they’re all over sites like eBay. These ones are SO much cuter, and a really good size, too!

Buy one before they’re sold out!


Where To Buy Sir Oliver’s Candles Online

Sir Oliver’s Candles

Sir Oliver's CandlesAccording to the video above, Sir Oliver’s Candles started as a property of a stay-at-home mother with 3 children that needed an innovative outlet, and also relocated from a short-term show in Dallas to being included waiting chain store such as Neiman Marcus.

Sir Oliver’s is an elegant collection of triple aromatic, hand-poured candle lights each having hand-applied accents of Swarovski crystals and metals. The unique forms, dimensions and fragrances of these candle lights make perfect presents.

Crown Jewel Designs is one of only a few authorized retailers of Sir Oliver’s Candles online. Their website uniquely features a .design TLD, rather than ending in a traditional .com.

The candles retail from $15.00-$90.00

The Best-Effective Natural Sleep Aid Available Over-The-Counter


This is a follow-up post to one from last week. So the other day (well, last month, really) I was looking for an effective natural sleep aid that was safe, and which didn’t use artificial sources of melatonin, and I stumbled across this little gem on Amazon: Berry Sleepy.

The premise of it is that using a blend of 3 or 4 specific fruits (Tart Cherries, Gogi Berries and Passion Fruit are the ones I recall, there might be a 4th), to make a potent and relaxing cocktail of fruits that helps you drift off to sleep quickly and stay asleep.

Does Berry Sleepy Work As A Natural Herbal Sleep Aid?

As an over the counter sleep aid, I’ve definitely used far worse, and also far more powerful (but sheer power alone isn’t always a good thing in a sleep aid). Herbal sleep aids are not narcotics, and nor do I want them to be.  They are designed to aid the body in doing what it’s designed to do, not strong-arm the body into doing what you want (or need) it to do.  They are always more mellow and mild than other pharmacological substances.

As an herbal supplement, Berry Sleepy works, and works well.  It didn’t knock me on my butt, and that’s a GOOD thing.  If I wanted to be knocked on my butt, I could just down some Tequila.  But it did make me drowsy and it did promote rest.  When using it, I did feel more relaxed and as though I fell asleep more quickly, and when I woke up, I felt a general sense of what I can only describe as “mellow calm” – I never felt the “hungover” effect in the morning!

Is it the Best Natural Sleep Aid For Men (or Women, Or Teenagers?)

I’m inclined to say “Yes.”  There’s always a fear of the placebo effect, but if it is working in this case, it’s working VERY consistently.  And there are a number of research studies backing up the use of these fruits, amongst others, when it comes to promoting sleep.

VERDICT: Try it.

Vegan 100% Fruit Natural Sleep Aid With Melatonin

Melatonin Natural Sleep AidMay 12, 2015 – Kansas City, KS:  If you suffer from sleeplessness and yet you’re also hesitant to take powerful narcotics that could be habit forming, then you probably have run the gamut of natural products for sleep inducement, everything from kava kava to sublingual melatonin to warm milk, to no avail.  If you’re still not sleeping as well as you should, we just stumbled across a neat product from Kansas City native Greg Doring which promises a restful night sleep.  Does it really live up to the hype, or is it just another herbal nostrum?  Here’s our honest take:

An Honest Review of Berry Sleepy

Sleep disorders affect as many as one in three people (WebMD), and there is a growing body of research that suggests certain fruits can play a powerful role in helping the body and mind get to sleep.  Three of the big ones are Passion Fruit, Tart Cherries, and Goji Berries, and those three fruits were combined in a proprietary blend to create “Berry Sleepy.”

Purportedly, the product works in as many as 93% of people who take it, though the degree of the effect may vary, says Doring, and that some people may desire to take more than a normal does.  That said, the star rating for Berry Sleepy on is only a 4.1 out of 5 (that’s about an 81% approval rating, if you’re keeping score, which is still decent, sure, but not quite 93%)

Nevertheless, the overwhelming number of reviews for this melatonin-based sleep aid are 5-star reviews on Amazon, and that says a lot.  I read all 133 reviews at the time of publishing to get a real sense for whether people liked it, disliked it, or didn’t really care.  There were a few very vocal detractors, but overall their message seemed a bit confused and convoluted – almost as if they had an axe to grind against the product or its owner.

We took it for a few nights, and it seemed to have a decent “mellowing” effect, and we woke up feeling overall more refreshed and less tired then most nights previous when we went to bed without having taken Berry Sleepy.

PROS: Sleept well, it’s 100% natural, fruit-based, and (if that matters) Vegan.  It seems to work, though it may not replace a high-powered narcotic.

CONS: It’s pricy at $29.95 to 39.95/bottle, but the company seems to offer price drops and promotions pretty frequently.  You can find their Facebook Page here.




The New

emedia.amThis is our most important post ever.  It is in a sense our first post, and our last post. was purchased recently and is now under new management.

AM is an .TLD extension which can mean Armenia, but it can also mean Amplitude Modulation, as in AM radio, the opposite of FM.

We are on the internet, of course, and thus NOT broadcasting via AM or FM.  However I’ve always been fascinated with AM and FM and the differences between them.  FM radio (VHF or Very High Frequency, the VH simply get elided) uses a high frequency modulating signal to broadcast clear sound a short distance.  It can penetrate a number of surfaces reasonably well, but it has a rather limited broadcast zone.

AM radio, on the other hand, cannot penetrate most solid structures, but it can go on nearly indefinitely.  Someone working in the office of a Kansas City SEO Company could pick up the AM frequency of someone hundreds of miles away, especially at night when the sun has set and the ionosphere has reduced.

Of course the internet can broadcast instantly anywhere on earth.

And that’s what this station.

More to come, soon. Until then: